A day in the life of Blue Zone...

I started the weekend after a very restless night sleep last night. I kept being woken by Mr 3 coughing. I hate listening to the kids cough and not being able to do much to help. I was sure we would be rushing off to the GP today after the night we had.

Instead we woke this morning to a child full of beans and raring to get into as much mischief as possible. Phew!

We headed off to the Chiropractor (mummy's Saturday morning ritual) then went to finish our Easter shopping at Big W.  (queue tantrum from Mr 3!) WHY do they have to be sooooo embarrassing in public? I cringe and hide now!

We rushed out of the store after grabbing our goodies and headed home for lunch followed by a bit of a tidy up in the yard and then Mr 3 crashed out exhausted on daddy's knee.

He woke in the biggest grump ever and has been driving us crazy with his coughing and tantrums ever since.  YAY for bedtime I need a wine!

What exciting things did you get up to today?