February: The month of love and awareness of our special HeartKids

February is known to many as the month of love. Valentine's Day, Love and Romance.

What few people realise is that it is also HeartKids awareness month. 
A time for all Australian's to pull together and raise awareness for the number one killer in our children under 5.

Did you know every 4 hours a child is born with a CHD?

That means every 4 hours a child must begin to fight to survive. That means every 4 hours a new family must begin to rely on doctors, nurses, modern medicines, procedures and surgeries to keep their child alive. That means every 4 hours people's lives are changed forever.

HeartKids Australia is a not for profit organisation that offers support to children and their families who are suffering with CHD. Each year approximately 2,000 children are born in Australia with a heart defect, and every week, more than four children die from CHD. There is no cure for congenital heart disease and little is known about the disease and its causes.

Our first born son is our very own cherished HeartKid. We are very lucky to have him in our lives today. This year he will celebrate the 11th anniversary since his surgery. You can read about his journey here.

Help raise awareness, spread the word and show a heart child that you care about their future.

 Find details on how to help HeartKids HERE.