February. You and I are soon to come to blows.

Oh February, I thought you and I were going to be great mates. You teased me with a few really good things, and made me believe that only great times were going to be had together and then you had to go and ruin everything. Right now you are looking just as bad as last February. Pick up your game mate or we are really going to have a serious chat!

Julianna's guide promised me that things were looking up...
Hi Julianna, 2012 has kicked off with a great start. Will it continue this way or are there a few more bumps ahead in the road? Especially with hubbies health.

good evening Tracy. My name is Melinsadah and I am from Umbria and your 9th level Guide. I wish to tell you that you shall continue your good fortune my friend and well you deserve it with all the hard work you have put in over the last 13 years, yes? so go in peace and enjoy this not as your good fortune but what you deserve for your efforts.

Then BAM! out of nowhere we are back on that damn roller coaster of the uncertain cycle.  I WANNA GET OFF!!!

Do you ever feel like you must have been a really evil bitch in a previous life?


Anonymous said…
That doesn't sound good... and there's a extra day in Feb this year too! Chin up and hope for the best x