Why I am NOT a mum of girls...

I am not a mum of girls. I do not want to be a mum of girls. YES I only have boys. I am not cut out to be a mum of girls. 
I think some people are meant to be mums of either ALL girls, or ALL boys. I love my boys with all my being. If we had another boy I would be happy. Although I would be totally insane...lol
I honestly feel we are given what is best for us, and I just don't feel that I am cut out to be a mum of girls.
I lack patience, I am not overly girlie, I don't do dancing and singing.  I will hang in the tree house with the boys, I am not a sport fan, but prefer watching footy than going to a dance concert.
I was convinced our first child was a girl, until the sonographer told us it was a boy.  I was excited, I felt glad for my partner, I was not disappointed at all.

5yrs later when we went to find out what our second born was going to be I was secretly hoping it was another boy, while hubby was hoping for a girl.  I heaved a huge sigh of relief when we were told it was another heart healthy boy.  The heart HEALTHY part was the bit that made me the happiest, but another boy was great news too.
If we were to have a little girl, I know I would adjust and I would be the happiest mum alive as long as we were lucky enough to have a third child with know health issues.  
I would secretly be wishing for a 3rd heart healthy boy the whole time too. But if it were a girl, I would be just as thankful.
NO! I am not planning a new addition, although I do often think about it. Mr BZ has said NO. Two is plenty!!   We will see  ;) 


Anonymous said…
Tots agree we are given what we can cope with best...was so happy when my twins were boy/girl...didnt want the identical thing! And then my bonus baby now 9 is a girl..all good :)
Anonymous said…
I'm with you Tracy! I've got two boys and I wouldn't want it any other way. I've always said the only thing I know about girls is I am one. I have two brothers, I grew up surrounded by boys. I had to blend in or play by myself so I was always a bit of a tomboy. Life with boys suited me just fine! :-)