New canvas

As we kick off 2012 with a nice new blank canvas I have a few things I will try my hardest to aim for this year and review it each month and see how I am doing.

*Swear less
*Exercise more
*Walk away
*Organise better
*Create more spontaneous fun
*Eat better
*Blog more
*Stress less
*Laugh more
*Renovate or sea change?
*Visit more
*Learn, create, improve

Did you make any new goals for 2012?  Share with us and let's see if we can kick some butt together!


Maxabella said…
That worked, Tracey! Happy new year to you! x
Anonymous said…
Hi, lov your list! My big goal is to get my own business up and running to provide for my kids :)
Anonymous said…
Hmm... Stress less and laugh more. I think I'll adopt those for myself for 2012. Hope you don't mind! :-)

Happy new year.
Love the 'swear less' although I am sure I would fail miserably at that one!
I have promised myself to make this my year, to set goals and not be afraid to reach for them. I am saying goodbye to self-doubt - and have promised not to let myself place limits on what I can achieve!
So yes...I think we can kick 2012's butt together!!!