The Family Fold

I am joining up with 52 weeks of grateful and will share my post at the end of each week.

This week is all about family. The one thing we all cherish and protect with all our being.

We are making the most of the time we have at the moment and doing the simple things to create special memories to hold onto throughout the sad times.

Sharing a coffee with Nanny

My boys are my life, and I would give up everything I have to keep them healthy and safe.
It is important though to maintain a good family balance and sometimes making children happy can't always be our priority even though I wish it was.

I am finding this harder and harder at the moment as I continue to work during school holidays and struggle with the guilt of not being able to go out and do exciting things with the boys while they are young and still want to spend time with mummy. 

I am starting to learn that we can't keep them happy all the time. As long as they are loved, safe, fed, looked after and encouraged to do all the right things, then that is all we can really hope for as a parent. Anything else is a bonus!  Right?

Either that or I give up work and dedicate myself to them 24/7 and they still may not be happy.....



Anonymous said…
Sounds as though your doing an awesome job :)