Cohen's Birth Story 2009

 I just stumbled across this post I shared on Kidspot back on 24 May 2009...

Cohen William was born on the 10th February 2009 at 3:08pm

"I was booked into be induced on Tuesday 10th Feb 2009

Arrive at the hospital at 7:30am

Have the usual checkups done and the babies heart monitored for 20 mins to see how he was doing.

8:15am My OB arrived and broke my waters.

I was 3-4cm dilated already and she said it looked like I probably would have gone into labour soon anyway.

Contractions slowly started at 10mins apart and gradually got longer.

11am The OB wanted to start the seritosone (spl??) drip but I asked if we could wait a bit longer cause I felt like I was progressing well myself. She agreed to wait another hr or so.

Contractions around 5mins apart but still not very long.

1pm I had to go on the drip to speed things up a bit, contractions were still only 5mins apart.

Things started moving along a bit after the drip started and as you can imagine the pain increased

About 2pm I said maybe a shot of pethadine was required.

The midwives did an internal first to check how things were going and said I was still only 7cm dilated and the head was still back a fair way.

So they agreed to give me a shot of pethadine to take the edge off.

2:15pm pethadine shot

They tried to set me up over a bean bag to help the babies head drop..... I was sooooo uncomfortable, couldnt stay like it for long, cause with each contraction all I wanted to do was roll over onto my side to ease the pain.

Must have helped a bit cause within the next 15mins or so I needed to push!!

I was soooo disappointed that I had the pethadine, if I knew I was sooo close to the end I could have done it drug free.

OMG it happened so suddenly, the midwives were telling me I had a while to go and then all of sudden Cohen was on his way.

we finally met our gorgeous little man.

'Cohen William'

8lb 8oz and 54cm long.......

So all up a  7hr labour from when my waters were broken to delivery.

He's divine!

I had a postpartum haemorrhage and had the midwife on his toes for a while ( Oh yeah OMG how bizarre the same male midwife was on that helped deliver Logan 5yrs before hand!!)

I had to stay on the drip over night and have a couple of injections to stop the bleed. Disappointing as it meant we couldn't let Logan come in to meet his new baby brother until the next day.

We were pretty much left to fend for ourselves after the 2nd day.

Being 2nd time round parents they think you dont need any help.

Helllooo its been 5yrs since I've had a newborn and I've never dealt with this age before cause Lo was in ICU for a while.

We came home on the friday and it took me a while to get  into a routine and feel safe with what I was doing.

Our little man will be 3 in a few weeks. WOW how that time has flown. He is a gorgeous cheeky little boy that we love with all our heart and soul xxx


Anonymous said…
Great outcome Tracey, he looks like a little heartbreaker in the making!!