This much....

Most people know that young children can drown in the pool or at the beach.

Few realise that babies and toddlers can drown just as easily at home. 

In the bath. 
In a paddling pool. 
In a nappy bucket. 
In a pond. 
In a puddle. 
In fact, in only as much water as it takes to cover their mouth and nostrils. 

The "This Much" page and video message have been created to help get this known.

involved - from the originators of the idea, to the featured celebrities, to the video crew, to the publicists, to the news teams, to the medical specialists consulted along the way - has done so without payment and with no wish for reward.

By sharing this message, you can be part of this valuable effort. There is no money for advertising. There is only the power of the message and the power of social media. 

So, please "Share" the video, "Like" the This Much Facebook page, post or mention this page in your own blog, or just tell someone.

It's not much to do, but it could make a real difference.