Things to do before I chicken out....

Do the family tree

Get a tattoo

That I am!

Make a Croquembouche
Make a Croquembouche
Spend a month by the sea
Fingers crossed!

Learn how to play guitar

I do that online... oops!
I do that online... oops!
Ooohhh... Scary!
With my spunky boys!

Ohh yes!
Ohh yes!
I wish!

Is it possible?
Is it possible?





Unknown said…
ok, so here's what we can do. Come to my place alone, which will be a vacation. throw me a surprise party with a croquembthingo as my cake. We'll go get tattoos while on a shopping trip every day for a week. then your boys could fly up and we'll go to adventure land in geelong.

that's a few ticked off.
Sounds like a plan! You have it all covered :)
Lee said…
Awesome list. I would happily join you in those. I love by the sea already though! Lucky me!
Jessica said…
Oh I love your list, so inspiring. Oh there you go, thats one off your list:-O
DebbieD said…
What do you mean you're not an inspiration? You don't have to be Oprah to be an inspiration...just a mum :)
Here's to 2012 and ticking a few things off!