Open letter to single mums

Day 6 of Mumvember - write a letter or send an email to a mum you admire.

I thought as my Mumvember challenge I would share the above that I stumbled on while looking for an image. It sums up everything I want to say to single mums, plus so much more.  

The mums I admire the most are single mums. Truly inspirational mothers. I think very highly of a mum doing the job of two people, with no sounding board and no one else to pick up the pieces when all you want to do is fall into bed. Some days I know you must think what is the point. Why do I even bother?

Stand tall and be proud of the fantastic job you are doing and the love your child knows.

You are noticed, you are appreciated, even though you don't feel like it at times.

Do you have a mum in your life that you truly admire?


Anonymous said…
I completely agree!

Also kudos to the working mums, especially WAHM's which is so, SO hard as I've recently found out!
Unknown said…
Well, you did make me tear up... Most times I refuse to think about it. It just is the way it is. There is no other option. You kinda have to harden up...

Thanks, Tracy...