Day 2: Mumvember Scream Free Zone

Day 2 of the Mumvember challenge

Scream-free zone. Go a whole day without yelling or raising your voice at your kids.

I thought this would be a bit tricky.  I spend most days fighting with Mr 2.
He went off with Poppy today for the afternoon so I have had it easy... heheheh

Must admit the day isn't over yet though!  

I have also checked off Day 5: Kiss your sleeping babies. Sneak a kiss while your kids are sleeping. Soak up the precious moment.

Last night I pinched a kiss from both my boys as they slept.  I always check on them before I go to bed, but don't always steal a kiss.  This month I will make sure I steal a kiss EVERY night! 

How are you going with today's challenge?