Christmas Grinch....

I have been playing around with the personalised Santa messages from PNP (Read details here).  I did both our boys a message from Santa and had them on the "nice" list.
They both watched their message and were really excited.

Mr 7 has REALLY been testing my patients over the past couple of weeks and I told him if he didn't behave himself Santa would NOT be coming to visit.

He nagged me this afternoon to watch the message from Santa he received, so I quickly snuck on and did a new message and popped him on the "naughty" list.

Oh dear!  What a BAD idea that was.  He is heartbroken :(  He is now convinced he won't get any presents and Christmas is doomed!

Hopefully it will make him stop and think now about his behaviour towards us. I feel really bad though, and think I am the most EVIL mother in history.  I just told him if he was good from now on I bet next time we check the message he will be on the "nice" list again...

What "evil" things have you said or done to your child lately? Or am I really the only "evil" mother at Christmas?


Elise said…
This is the funniest thing I have read in a long time! Don't panic, I think we are all guilty of using the Santa naughty list tactic at Christmas time to get great behaviour throughout December.