21 today!

Happy Birthday to me!

21 today. Well yesterday actually. (I WISH I was 21 again!)

I scored myself this beautiful pendant from Tokens of Love. Thanks boys xx

I had a yummy cake and morning tea thanks to my sister for arranging treats with the boys.

I went out for cocktails with my man. Thanks to dad for having the boys over night xx

We had a great night together, just the two of us and I cherished every second without little people interrupting or arguing in the back ground. 

We came home and had a quiet night cap before slipping into bed and having the best night sleep (hehe and other S words :P ) and a beautiful sleep in with no little people yelling out at 6am.

It was HEAVEN!

I feel very lucky and must admit I am quite revived after a night of adult only company. 

When did you last have an "adult only" night?


rambling mum said…
I was going to write that I can't remember when my last adult only night was & then I remembered that a group of friends all chipped in & bought hubby & I a dinner, accommodation & breakfast package at a local resort for our 40th birthdays last year (we are 3 weeks apart). So that would be when. Prior to that? I remember a 3 day getaway when our eldest (now 16) was only about a year old. So our adult only nights are few and far between......
It is sad what lack of adult time we have after kids isn't it?

Prior to last night the last time we had a night out was January. We did come home to the boys though, so not a whole night off.
Cheree said…
Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a great time!

I'm having my adults night out in about 1 1/2 weeks.. Going to see Foo Fighters with hubby!