Too. Much. Information!

OK! I admit it. I am a sucker for Dr Google. Any little symptoms I think need further investigation and I am straight onto Dr Google.

This usually ends in more stress and worry that was required and me swearing to NEVER consult Dr Google, EVER again!

I am involved with a couple of different support forums/groups for Heart children, and I have found recently that these groups are creating more worry than support for me and I should really STOP reading people's discussions.

Is there too much information available at our fingertips these days? Gone are the days you needed to pay a fortune for a medical bible! 

Do you get caught in the trap of researching various symptoms or other information and discovering WAY too much information, that just leaves you even more concerned and wishing that you never bothered to search?


LMAO - Oh TRacy - yep I can soo relate. I rock up to my Drs with sheets of stuff I have printed from Google and he says to me "so what have you diagnosed yourself with today". The funny thing is I have a post about this in my drafts waiting to be finished. :) Like your work.
xxx Sonia
strawberrysmum said…
Tracy I'm exactly the same too. Don't you just love the withering look the doctor gives you when you present your "carefully researched diagnosis" and they they totally dismiss it all... embarrassing.
90% of what I worry and google about is bullshit, but it doesn't stop me doing it!!
Carla Coulston
helen said…
Gosh, I feel the same way! That's why I just stopped googling symptoms altogether. now I don't freak out for no reason!