Should inlaws need an invite?

I often feel like we don't see the inlaws enough. I sat here today pondering if it is because they actually expect an invite before they will come and visit.

I did tell hubby last night to give them a ring and see if they wanted to come for lunch, but he sat pouting and stuck to his guns even harder. "I am NOT ringing them!"

He has been down and out with Pneumonia for a couple of weeks now and his parents still haven't bothered to come and see him.  The odd phone call yes, but how hard would a visit be?!?

Hence my pondering today....

Maybe they do actually expect an invite before they will come and visit us. I know that was the done thing in the old days. I did think they were beyond that now. Sheesh we have been together for 11yrs, they SHOULD know by now they are welcome anytime. Surely?!

Do you prefer people to only visit when invited or are you happy for friends/family to drop in when they like?


I much prefer people to ring first before they visit...but my Inlaws drop in when they feel- which I can't say anything about because they OWN this house!
Heheh Sandie. Not really theirs now though!

I do prefer when people give me a ring and say is it OK if we drop round soon.. Gives me time to do the quick clean!!
rambling mum said…
For years my inlaws did the "pop in" and it worked fine. No pressure - if we were home they saw us, if not then maybe next time. We found in the last few years though that it doesn't work so well - mother in law (father in law passed away 6 years ago) would call in late afternoon & I work nights so was busy organising baths for the kids and / or dinner & couldn't drop it all to sit & have a cuppa & still get to work on time. She got offended so we have trained her to ring first to check we will be are home & not about to go anywhere. She is welcome any time as long as we know she is coming. That way I can organise around her visit & make the time to sit & have our 2 coffees together. Because 1 cup is just not enough! She rings every sunday now & comes over that arvo.
strawberrysmum said…
I hate pop-ins normally, but with the inlaws for some reason I really don't mind... for one, they only live round the corner so it's kind of inevitable it will happen; two, it's usually for a good reason (eg. to drop off yummy leftovers!) and three, they never stay long. The perfect visitors :)
Cheree said…
Oh I hate people popping in without prior warning! Especially the inlaws or the brother in law.. The brother in law often drops in and when I'm not home then has a go at me for not being home.

They don't need an invite BUT do need to call before coming over.
Hubby finally bit the bullet and ask MIL what they were doing on thurs. She said they had plans, so he didn't bother saying anymore.
He had no sooner hang up the phone and it FIL rang back.
It seems they do just sit back and wait for an invite before they attempt to visit us.. Quite frustrating really, as I tend to forget the little niceties often.