A shopping spree for me. Or maybe not....

Hubby and I both celebrate our birthdays during November and the inlaws usually give us money to buy ourselves something for Birthday and Christmas combined. Works out well for us.

This year we finally brought ourselves a TV for the bedroom.  Many a night I have wished I could just curl up in bed and watch my favourite show. Now I finally can!
We had no longer got it all set up and Mr 2 climbed up into our bed and demanded Fireman Sam.

Ahhhh...So much for my haven of peace. I guess it will save a lot of arguments between the terrors now. Although I am not a fan of the kids hanging out in my bedroom that much.  You can guarantee they end up looking at toys I have stashed under the bed (NOT that kind :P ), or upending my jewellery all over the floor.

Is your bedroom your sanctuary and out of bounds to little people. Or are they free to visit as they please?