A Pillow, for a Pet?

We were recently lucky enough to receive a Pillow Pet. My 2 yr old claimed it straight away! He LOVES it, his new puppy goes everywhere with him and we are very impressed with our new addition to the family.

They are much bigger than I envisaged, so soft and snuggly, you seriously just want to curl up and have a nap with it.

Pillow Pets combine a pillow with the playfulness of a stuffed animal. Made of ultra-soft chenille, Pillow Pets are an ideal naptime mate. They can also hold your PJs for a sleepover.

Available from all major toy retailers and independent toy stores for RRP$12.99*ea (small) and RRP$19.99*ea (large).

These are a MUST have on the Christmas wish list. Suitable for kids of all ages, our 7yr old is hinting for one all the time now!

Make sure you check them out next time you go shopping. You won't regret it!


So this is what my kids have been talking about. Thanks for sharing, I know what's on their Christmas lists now :)