Lucky you're so cute!

This face literally glows when being cheeky. Those chubby little cheeks are pinched so often, I just can not resist them.

Lucky he is so darn cute, because he is one VERY naughty little boy at the moment.

I seriously forgot how mischievous toddlers are. He drives me crazy and makes me laugh all in one.

I think the terrible two's are a breeze compared to the 2.5 - 3 year age bracket.

What age did you find was the trickiest age to deal with?


K said…
We are right in the 2.5 -3 right now and everything is a negotiation and a test! Those cheeks are sooo cute! I understand the whole thing about trying to control yourself from pinching them!
This little munchkin is 2yrs and 8mths. We are fast approaching 3 now :(

He is so independent and yes everything is a huge negotiation.

Give me strength!
Arleth Self said…
Cute little man. I like this happy sweet face!