How do you know......

How do you know you made the right choices?
How do you know you won't regret your decisions in a week, a month a year?

Who decides the sky is blue?
Why is that the left and not the right shoe?

What makes oranges, orange?
Are things due to fate or coincidence?

Am I going insane or did I just overdose my poor brain?

Are you an over thinker?
Do you get carried away with the why's and what if's of day to day life?


Unknown said…
Totally. Can't stop thinking...

But I am learning to accept things as they are. To me, fate and coincidence are the same thing. You attract the things into your life that you think about the most. So I am trying to use my thinking for good, think good, positive things... Some days are better than others..
Perfect plan DK! Love it...
Might just follow you on that path.