The Good, The Bad and The What The?!

We had a pretty reasonable balance of good and bad over the past week. I guess you can't ask for more than that. If the scales are tipping more towards the good then you are on a winner!

  • Mr 7 coming first place in the Grade One 75m race on Sports Day (Huge for us, especially with his previous health issues)
  • A phone bill in credit! 
  • New shoes (Heaven!)
  • New TV and Stick Blender
  • Public Holiday (Who doesn't love a midweek break?)
  • Sunshine and our first BBQ for the season

  • Week 4 of Hubby home sick recovering from Pneumonia (GAH!!)
  • Incompetent Community Support and endless phonecalls (Don't ask!)
  • PMT! (Need I say more)
  • Sick and grumpy toddlers (Self explanatory!)

What The?
  • Empty boxes in the pantry (Annoys the hell out of me!)
  • Coming home to find the Kitchen sink seconds away from over flowing all over the floor. Sink full of water and the tap was left dripping. (That was lucky!)
  • Sunday night.. Seriously. Do we have to go around again?