The Ben 10 Tech Blaster Kit puts state of the art battle gear right at your fingertips. 

This is one amazing multi-function piece of alien technology!

Mr 7 gave it his tick of approval with  "It's awesome cause it has great sound effects and you can turn it into lots of different things."

You can convert the Ben 10 Tech Blaster Kit into five different cool Ben 10 toys.
• Ben 10 Deluxe Blaster
• Ben 10 Mini Blaster
• Ben 10 Super Decoder
• Ben 10 X-Ray Scanner
• Ben 10 Multi Scope

Learning letters is fun with Lettersaurus. Roar, roll, sing and learn with your dinosaur pal. 

Little ones can explore letter sounds, colours and music with each press of the 26 colourful letter buttons on his back.

We had lots of fun learning the alphabet and singing tunes with Lettersaurus. Mr 2 soon worked out that by pressing his head we would soon be singing along to the Alphabet Song. You can even add in the first letter of your child’s name to aid with learning.

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