Are Cyber friends "real" friends?

As I woke to the sad news that a "cyber friend" had passed away and left behind her two gorgeous children and husband (R.I.P Kel xox) I started to ponder my friendships.

I met this mum along with LOTS of other beautiful mums on a parenting forum over 5 years ago.

These mums have been there for me since my now 7yr old was only 2 and I joined the forum to seek advice on having another child after such a difficult start to parenthood.

They have been through ALL my ups and downs with me, and I turn to them for advice and support before anyone else.

I know they are only a message or phone call away if I need an ear.

Even though I have not 'met' any of them in person. It is my pleasure to have them part of my life.

I sat to write my hubby's 40th birthday invites today and realised the ONLY people I would really want to invite to my own 40th are scattered all around Australia. Women I have made a strong bond with via "cyber" space.

I was a tad wary when I first joined the world of forum's and chat, but now it IS my world, and I would be a lost soul without my "cyber" buddies.

Do you have any strong "cyber" relationships, or do you prefer to keep your relationships in "real life" with face to face chats?


Actually Amy said…
I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

Yes, cyber friends are real friends. Like you I have made some great friends through online parenting groups. I can't imagine losing anyone of the them.

My thoughts are with you xx
Lyndell Fraser said…
I have face to face friends who will always be there for me. But I can also rely on my cyber friends to be there as well, any time of day.
I don't think that these days, just because you haven't met someone face to face that your friendship is any less valid than a "real life" one.
Even the office water cooler gossip session with your workmates has changed for me (now it's via skype :P)