Waking up alone........

I have a recurring dream that I am alone in life.  I often wake and find myself reaching across the bed to make sure hubby is still there.

I am assuming the dream is about me feeling the loss of contact with some friends and family. I know it is time to spread my wings and form new friendships. But how?

How do you get yourself out there and meet new people when you tried and failed previously?

I miss the comfort of old friends and often wonder what I did to loose those friends. Am I that hard to maintain? Or is it just life's path taking us different directions?

I would love to have someone to meet for coffee and a chat or a movie and a giggle. I think I have left it too late now though. My boys seem to be the closest I get to any kind of entertainment and I have come to accept that as my fate.

Do you have a network of friends you know you can always call on or are you like me and wondering how to break back into the circle of friendships? 


Unknown said…
I'm absolutely trying to cement new friendships, having moved somewhere new almost two years ago, where we knew no one. Its tricky, but finally starting to happen. Some days its been tearfully tough but I finally am feeling that sense of starting special friendships. And I wish the same joy comes your way soon too x
Thanks Donna!
I forgot a lot of people do find themselves in your situation quite often and learn to create new bonds and circles.

Thanks for pointing it out. Glad you are making new friendships!
I so love your honesty Tracy. Whilst I am very blessed with some wonderful friends in my life I always love to make a new friend too. I wish you all the best and want you to know you have a new friend in me :) xx
Lily London said…
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