Just like my Dad!

My Dad and I at my 21st birthday (only last year of course :P )

Father's Day is that special day of the year where we sit back and think about what our Dad means to us and how much they have impacted on our life.

My Dad has always been there for me, no matter what I always know he is only a phone call away.

He has proven to be a MUCH stronger man than I ever imagined when he took on the role of full time carer to mum and he shows me everyday what love, commitment and dedication really means.

I am a lot like dad. I have his carefree nature and his slight lack of patience..lol

He is, and always will be, a strong guidance in my children's lives and they love him dearly.  I wasn't lucky enough to meet either of my Grandfather's so I always think how lucky our boys are to have a Pop that loves them to death and spoils them rotten.

Tomorrow we will be spending a lot of the day with Dad and making sure he knows just how much we cherish him. 

How will you be spending Father's Day this year?