Do I dare to dream.....

I think I lost sight of my own dreams when I had children. I happily let everything I ever wanted slip away and put all their wants, need and dreams before my own. I even let Hubby's dreams come before mine.

Well I think now it is about time I started to put my dreams first. But what are they?

I sit back and think about what I would love to change, or what I have always wanted to do and I honestly couldn't tell you.

I have a happy loving family, I have a great job that I can only improve with experience, We have our own home and can afford to live comfortably.

Our home needs work and that is something we would love to do in the near future, but it certainly isn't a dream.

Do I dare to dream and let my imagination run wild?  What if I discover I yearn for something and it changes my life to the extreme?

Do you let yourself dare to dream?  What is one of your most longed for dreams?