Ctrl. Alt. Delete!

Wouldn't it be nice if we would hit Ctrl. Alt. Delete and wipe some memories or silly mistakes for good.

There are a few phases of my life I sometimes wish I could delete. I know they helped shape the person I am today, but sheesh, seriously!

  • That tight TIGHT 80's perm
  • That teenage crush that went on for far, FAR too long
  • That hippie phase I thought was so SO cool *shudder* Black jeans, black boots and tie dyed shirts did not make me cool
  • The need to please everyone else and forget what I want all the time (Actually, I STILL do that!)
  • That blue coat and tan boots I wore everywhere! You know the long lined coats when they came into fashion? I thought it was HOT!
  • Waiting 6yrs to marry the man of my dreams. Although if we had done it earlier the time would have been wrong for whatever reason.
  • Messing around in sewing classes. I can barely sew a button now!
  • Not doing my pelvic exercises after child number two :(
  • Not staying in touch more with friends and in doing so totally loosing contact :(
  • Those white boots! OMG. What was I thinking?

I have no regrets at all, just a few memories I sometimes wish I could wipe off the slate.

Do you ever wish you could hit Ctrl, Alt, Delete? What would you like to wipe for good?


Carly Webber said…
There is the odd person I meet who I wish I hadn't and could Ctrl, Alt, Delete! ;)

I cringe everything I think of my hot pink jeans rolled up mid shin and white scrunch socks filling the void between them and shoe....

Oh the socks! OMG. The first thing I banished from Hubbies wardrobe when we met 11yrs ago was his white socks...lol