When is it my turn?

I always seem to put off taking care of myself. (As all mums do!)

Lately I am really feeling like I worry about everybody else and what they need whilst my own needs are totally slipping away and I am putting my health at risk. I have finally made an appointment with my GP so at least that is a start.

School holidays are rapidly coming round for us and what was hoped to be a nice relaxing family holiday will now be spent helping dad after he has a surgical procedure and goes through the recovery process. I would never begrudge him for that, it just worked out to be bad timing, which can't be helped!

I am REALLY hanging out for a break away with just my little family, but I know that is not possible and I put my needs at the bottom of the list yet again.

I resent the person that told me I am selfish and I don't think I will ever forgive that comment as long as I live.  I seriously can't remember the last time I did something just for ME and I wish people could see that what I do, I do for my kids first and then whoever else comes after them.

Last person ALWAYS being me!

When was the last time you did something just for YOU?


I got my hair done on Monday night... Should have been great 'me' time. Coffee, a book, a mag perhaps, but no. But my hairdresser loves to chat. She even pulls up a chair to talk to me while I've got the thingy on my head (got blonded). So my 'me' time was somewhat interrupted. I did get a quick peak at a couple of old Notebook magazines. I think a new hairdresser is in order.

Don't resent the person who called you selfish. They clearly have some sort of issue. You're not the one with the problem.

Hope you get some time soon. It's so hard when all you want is time to yourself and all you get is nothing.
It's sad really when as mothers and wives we do so much for others but so little for ourselves. I'm sorry to hear that someone called you selfish and I wonder what they were thinking at the time. Clearly they weren't!

Sometimes we have to settle for small snippets of self/family time when we can't get that big chunk that we so crave. I hope you manage to find that little slice of 'me time' really soon. I hope your Dad is recovering well and good luck at the Doctors love. Big hugs to you x
Trine said…
My son is ill and usually I would have just made him comfy and let him chill on the couch while I did the house/cooked/washed/etc and checked on him often. Today, I got up...and laid down again...on the couch with him...selfishly enjoying the fact my *big boy* (he's 5) wanted mummy snuggles to make him feel better....and instead of doing any housework etc I stayed there...all day...because one day he won't need me anymore and damnit, life's so busy I rarely get to enjoy him. So, I considered today -for the mum in me- to be a selfish day :))