Tips to avoid mother duties....

Here are a few tips to leave daddy to deal with the drama for a change while you drown out the world....

  • Stay in the shower that extra bit longer to avoid the tantrums and fights.

  • Turn the hair dryer up on the highest setting to drown out the noise.

  • Pretend to sleep soundly to avoid the midnight run to the kids.

    • Turn up the iPod and play deaf when someone needs you.

      • "Sorry dear I just painted my nails I couldn't possibly change a nappy now!"

        • "Smell?  What smell? My nose is blocked, you better check!" 

          •  "I forgot I need to make an important phone call can you just deal with the kids!"

            • "I think daddy knows all about that, you better go and ask him for his expert advice!" 

               Share your tips below!

              Do you ever just walk away and leave hubby to deal with the kids or do you struggle to get him to step up to the plate some times? 


              Trine said…
              Love it!
              (will be back with mine ;)

              Anonymous said…
              I do.
              Because Pat is at home now, we share equal duties.
              I just say "Your turn!"
              Unknown said…
              I often "hide" in the shower get a break from the kids. I also get an sleep in while my hubby gives the girls breakfast. I am generally awake but just like listening to them chatter together. I do have an awesome hubby who looks after me.