Some days you just have to shout F@CK IT!

I am starting to struggle here....

You know it is not going to be a good week when you wake on Monday morning feeling like crap.
Earache's are so annoying!  It is still hanging around with a sore throat slowly creeping up as well.

Our little man has been suffering with croup for the past week and he is once again barking like a seal..  NOOOOO!!  Back to the doctor for a diagnosis of a chest infection, so we are now armed with antibiotics and off for a chest xray.

I can't do sick kids again this week. My dad has just had a minor surgery, which means I need to be all hands on deck to help with mum while he is out of action.

So you can see my need to start throwing the F bomb around this week. Bad form? Maybe, but some days or even weeks, require nothing more than a big fat F@CK IT! 

Thank god school holidays start in 3 more sleeps, I am REALLY hanging out for a break. Fingers crossed we get to take the kids away for a couple of nights at least and relax as a family for a while.

Do you ever climb out of bed in the morning with the feeling it is going to be one of those days? 


Kristie said…
Oh yes. Sometimes it's not even climbing out of bed, it's just the opening of the eyes that send me into "omg.. one of those days!" but I have a 5.5 year old who makes school mornings like that most of the time ;)
Yep absolutely. Those are the mornings when I don't have to wake up because I'm still awake from the night before. Hope you catch yourself a break soon love. Sending you big *hugs* x