I wish. I wish. I wish I was a goldfish.....

Mushroom's are often kept in dark places and fed manure to help them thrive. While the poor old goldfish seems to spend his day swimming around in circles and not getting anywhere. (Not that he cares! They seem quite content really)

I often feel like I am swimming around in circles getting nowhere fast or being kept in the dark like a mushroom and fed sh#t occasionally.

Sometimes working from home with a toddler under foot all day can feel so isolating and dark everything gets so mundane it drives you a little batty.

Do you ever feel like you are a cross between a mushroom and a goldfish living on little bits someone else feeds you?


Trine said…
Sometimes, I'd like to be a goldfish, or a mushroom... their lives seem so simple :) Imagine being a fish, no cleaning, no cooking, no shopping, no fixing, no earning, no worrying, nothing.. (of course it would get boring rather fast but oh, for the chance to be bored for a bit!) :))
Absolutely! I'm lucky (or unlucky) enough to work part time and still feel this way sometimes Tracy. If you lived near Brisbane I'd say grab that toddler of yours and I'll grab my two youngest ones, we'll put them in a room together while we relax, have coffee and talk shit and goldfish together hahaha!!