Fancy a cuppa?

6 babies each day in Australia are diagnosed with heart disease!
Cuppa for HeartKids runs each year throughout August and September to help raise money for childhood heart disease. 

Last year I held a special "Cyber" Cuppa for HeartKids morning tea on my Facebook wall with my gorgeous family and friends.  We raised over $200 for a very worthy cause. I would love to top that this year and aim for at least $300. Will you join me?

Our first child was born with a Congenital Heart Disease, so this cause is very close to home for my family.
You can read about Logan's journey HERE.

I would love to host another "cyber" Tea Party on my Facebook page HERE and I invite all of you to join me for a cuppa and a chatter. ALL donations big or small welcome!

You can even get your playgroup or school involved by hosting a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Join us on Thursday the 25th August on Blue Zone Facebook page for a 'cyber' cuppa, wearing your funny hat of choice and help me raise money for HeartKids!

Look forward to chatting to everyone while supporting a special cause!


Jacra said…
Chick, i will try & be there, but not to sure what shifts i'm doing @ work @ the moment(see post in wise mums bus)! But i will try & do it, last yrs one sounded like fun. Here's to another wealthy cause. x
EssentiallyJess said…
I'm keen! What do we do exactly? Just donate money and have a cuppa at home, or whilst chatting on line?
Thanks Chook!

Yes, Jess a small donation whilst you enjoy a cuppa and a chat on my FB wall if you are around at the time. Let me know what date/time suits you best over the next few weeks.