When your baby outgrows their title.....

I finally bit the bullet today and converted the cot into a toddler bed.  Our little man is 2yrs and 5mths old tomorrow and now sleeping in a big boys bed :(

He was well and truly ready, he has been climbing out of the cot himself a lot lately, so I knew the time had come.

We stopped the bottles a month or so ago, and now he is sleeping in a big bed.  Ditching the dummy will be our next step, but that will be the hardest one!

I hate that he is growing up so fast, he is now a real little boy and not my baby anymore. He has his own little personality and we certainly hear it quite often.

How did you cope when your children started to outgrow their 'baby' title and become a little boy/girl?


Torkona said…
thats awesome :-) can't wait 'til my little boy gets big enough to do all the fun stuff too..

- tork
Awwww no, He can't grow up:(
I know Sandie. It happens overnight I am sure!