A really eerie week or so......

WARNING:  Quite a somber post from me today.

Over the past couple of weeks between Hubby and I, we have had 3 family deaths and 2 very close family friends pass away.

It is REALLY starting to creep me out. I am too scared to answer the phone now in case more bad news is on the other end.

3 were older family/friends that had lived a fantastic life and deserved to be at peace.
2 had been fighting the big C for quite sometime and unfortunately lost their battle :(

All were better off at rest and I am at peace with that.  I am just feeling rather freaky about the snowball effect it seems to be creating.

Is it the month for people to be at peace with their lives or what the hell is going on?!


Anonymous said…
Hugs sweetheart.
This must be terrible explaining this to the kids.
Thinking of you.
I've also had some losses around me lately. Some expected and some not. Sending love and strength to you.
Oh Tracy I'm so sorry to hear about your losses and it always seems that bad stuff happens all around the same time. Sending you heaps of positive thoughts that the good stuff starts heading your way. Big hugs to you and your family, Jac xxx
Carly Webber said…
Sending you strength too, thats a lot to have to deal with, for everyone. Hope better news starts flowing soon x