Inspiration, Motivation, Distraction and Determination!

My Dad inspires me as he cares for mum day in day out and never complains.

My gorgeous boys both inspire and motivate me to step outside the square and find fun and laughter in the simplest things.

These same gorgeous boys also distract me quite often and frequently make me loose my total train of thought.

My beautiful husband inspires, motivates and distracts me in many, many ways.

Finally and probably most importantly, I have become inspired by my own opportunities after stumbling into the world of social media. I now feel the need to find who *I* am and reach for things I never dreamed I would ever achieve. I often pinch myself as it still feels far too good to be true.

I finally feel like I can be proud of ME and what I have achieved. I have so much determination and so many inspirations around me, no matter what distractions are thrown my way, I know they could never dampen my motivation to thrive and grow!

What inspires, motivates and distracts you on a regular basis?