I Know I Can... I Know I Can...

Yay for home! Inspired me to write a 'Things I Know' blog.

So here goes..........

I know I can survive a thunderstorm.

I know I can do anything if I am determined enough to just try.

I know I never have enough confidence in myself.

I know I am super lucky to have our gorgeous HK boy.

I know I can stay strong when I feel like letting it all fall apart.

I know a smile from my boys will make everything OK.

I know time is precious and we need to treasure every single moment we can.

I know someone is always worse off than I am, no matter how bad things seem.

I know I am loved!

I know when my boys are sick or feeling sad before they do.

I know when my hubby has something on his mind and doesn't want to burden me.

I know chocolate is bad for me but it tastes sooooo good!

I know true friends are like diamonds. Very rare!

I know I better leave it at that or I will go on forever..............



Kestrel said…
I like the things you know!
nadi said…
I know way too much, and not enough...
shae said…
I love your list!

Thanks for joining in :)