I HATE dodgeball!

I never did like playing dodgeball. I was always one of the first to get hit. I guess the one good thing about that is you get out of the game early and don't have to keep dodging that stoopid ball.

Lately I feel like I am living a game of non-stop dodgeball. We have had 4 different hospital visits with 3 different family members over the past 6 mths.

The most recent being my Daddy :(
My Dad is my rock.  He is the full time carer of my mum and the BEST man you would ever meet.

So being put in the situation where I had to phone an ambulance for him on Tuesday really knocked me for a six.  I have always thought of my dad as living forever and never getting sick.

As the lady on the other end of the 000 call answered the phone the first thing I said was...  "Sorry! I am going to cry".

What an idiot!  She was lovely though, and I guess I would not be the first person to do the same.

My poor dad has been unwell for a few months, but because he cares for our mum he never worries about himself and just keeps plodding along.

He has been in hospital now for nearly a week, getting a well deserved break on top of loads of tests and doctors fussing over him.

Fingers crossed he will be home again in the next couple of days.

Thankfully we dodged the ball this time and are ready to fight another round!


Here's hoping your Dad makes a full and speedy recovery Tracy. Must have been awful having to make that call. Sending you and your fam thoughts and prayers that you get a break for a while love x
Carly Webber said…
Oh Tracy, how scary. I hope the rest does him well and he recovers fully.