Spicy chicken noodle soup

I have made this Chicken noodle soup a few times now, it never fails to satisfy all the family and have them asking for more....

Chicken breast (I have also shredded leftover BBQ chook before)
Bok Choy (if I have any)
1 tsp Green Curry Paste
Coconut milk or cream (never sure which one so grab whatever..lol)
Chicken stock (approx 2L, depends on how many you need to serve)
Cracked black pepper
Angel hair pasta

I grill the chicken breast and then slice up to bite size, saute the carrots and celery in a big pot with a splash of olive oil and once softened stir in a tsp of curry paste (add more or less to your preferred taste) then add chicken breast, stock, beans, broccollini, angel hair pasta and whatever other veg I have that works.

Stir in coconut milk once the pasta has softened and add cracked pepper to taste.

VOILA!  Enjoy <3