"What did I actually achieve this week?"

I often ponder this question.....

I am a work at home mum with a toddler under foot all day. For the next 2 weeks I also have a 7yr old on school holidays.

I work at least 24hrs a week for Kidspot ( YES a week, not a day :P )
My role is split between assisting our Campaigns Editor and also assisting our Social Editor.

I look after our two boys 24/7, manage our home, cook dinner every week night (weekends I go on strike!), do the school run twice a day (when not on holidays obviously!), deal with two year old tantrums frequently, and dodge 7yr old moods.

I also try my hardest to help my father out as much as possible, which includes cooking them a meal at least once a week.

I am lucky enough to have a fantastic husband who is very helpful around the home and makes my life a hell of a lot easier.

So even though I often ponder what I actually achieved, my week is pretty busy and I am so lucky that I can work from home and still be the main carer for our two cheeky boys.

What did you achieve this week? I bet if you actually sit down and think about it you will be amazed!


Amanda said…
You certainly are a busy woman! Thanks for sharing. :) I don't feel like I've achieved much at all this week, work or home wise. The kids are sick, the house is a mess, I have 4 unfinished web design projects and I still have to sort all my junk out for a garage sale next weekend! Hubby went back to work today for 4 days so I don't see much happening over the next 4 days either. Next week will be better. :)
Samara said…
Lately it has been up at 6:30 everyday, to get organised and to the train by 7:45, to be at work by 8:30. Then come home from work and arrive home about 5:30. From there either dinner has been cooked or needs doing, so do that, then getting the kids to eat, then bathing them, then putting them to bed.

Then there is the tidying up of the house once they are in bed, doing the dishes, and dealing with any washing that might need washing, hanging, folding or putting away. Then I can finally go to bed!

I then have to do this in another few months but with university assignments on top of it. In a little over a month I start full time university so instead of work it will be classes, and the night times will need to involve study time for tests and assignments...don't know how I will swing that!

Weekends are spent cleaning the house as there isn't really any time during the week, catching up on more washing, doing any banking that needs doing, getting the kids out to play, getting to the shops for groceries and such, and just trying to get some down time. Once uni starts up again they will involve homework. So tired lately, not suprising though I suppose :P
Oh and lately it has involved lots of sickness, especially the baby, not a lot of fun!
Fingers crossed everything falls into place soon Manda!

Samara you are a true champion! It will all be worth it in the end, even though right now it probably doesn't seem like it.
tattoomummy said…
I've managed to clean my 16 year old sister's room, and not get lost in the process. Haven't seen Dex in a while though...