NOT Mummy's kisses!!!!

Ahhhh.... I LOVE making our little man laugh.

There is nothing more heart warming than a giggling child who can't control himself.

Today's giggle was brought to you by......

Mummy's kisses.  YEP. You read correctly. Mummy's kisses!

I kept kissing little man and he kept wiping them off, everytime he wiped one off I would kiss again and he would laugh hysterically.

I could do it ALL

When did your child last laugh uncontrollably and what set them off?


Kate said…
That's so gorgeous <3

My toddler boy laughs hysterically when tickled around the ribs. It is the most gorgeous sound in the world. Along with the snorty giggles on our baby girl who laughs whenever she hears someone else laughing :)
It is adorable! Both our boys laugh hysterical if you squeeze their thigh. Sooooo funny to watch them squealing in hysterics.
Maxabella said…
So sweet! I love that bubbling chuckle that little bubs get going over the silliest things. x
A Farmer's Wife said…
I just have to laugh when I hear my kids laugh. Such a gorgeous sound and so cute.
So Now What? said…
Dad falling flat on his behind. Set all three off like nothing I've ever seen. Me too.

Fun stuff xx Bern
Today he found it hilarious to throw a bottle top at nanny and make her toss it back. It went on for a good 20 mins or more.

I too had to laugh every time he cracked up.. LOL!
Katie M said…
My girl makes me laugh all the time, currently she has a fascination with putting a teatowel over her face and head and then trying to walk around with it still there, she thinks it's hilarious!
So cute!! I love hearing my babies laugh!
Last night at the dinner table my husband and I started singing and Roo kept telling us to "Stop It Now". Seeing as we are ignoring demanding requests of no consquence we continued to sing louder and louder and louder, until in the end Roo couldn't even say "Stop it now" because she was laughing so much.
Unknown said…
My little one loves being held and then me pretending to drop her. Sends here into hysterics. Just have to make sure I don't actually drop her!
allison tait said…
Love it! There's no better sound than a belly laughing child. Mr4 is the most ticklish child in the universe.

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