Butterfly Essence for Bubs

If you haven't heard of this gorgeous range then you really need to get out more!

Butterfly Essence for Bubs has been developed using only the purest of ingredients and the subtlest of scents, making it completely organic.  Each product in the Butterfly Essence’s “for Bubs” range is free from parabens and sulphates. 

The range includes shampoo, gentle wash, baby powder and bubble bath in either lavender or chamomile scents.

I have been lucky enough to trial the baby powder and lavender shampoo recently and they are both really nice products. If you like the smell of lavender then you will LOVE this product!

Lavender is a very calming  scent, which is perfect for little ones before bed.

Find out where to purchase yourself some of this gorgeous Butterfly Essence range here - www.butterflyessence.com.au


Unknown said…
Wow- I do need to get out there more. Looks great and thanks for the tip! xo m.