I'm a mum and I really don't like kids.........

It is official. I DO NOT like kids!  Other peoples kids anyway, even more specific the neighbourhood kids.

WHY do they have to be so cruel? I can never fathom out how a child's mind really works.

Some days these kids will happily play with our 7 yr old. Other times he asks and they tell him to go away cause he is annoying and a retard.  Retard?  What the!

I know it is just kids being kids, but boy oh boy does this behaviour make mumma bear VERY angry.
I protect my cubs at ALL costs and really just want to march next door and bang their little heads together.

Lo is a sensitive some what insecure little boy and he takes everything to heart. So their little remarks about him being a retard or a poofter (last weeks efforts!) really upset him and he then believes that he IS....

I would LOVE to know why they need to be so cruel and rude to people. How can that make anyone feel good about themselves by laughing and being cruel to someone in front of their mates. The term BULLY springs to mind.

How do you tolerate other children, especially other nasty children that insist on belittling your child all the time?