Life down under....

Life is hectic, yet rather boring down here in Hardy-Undy country.

Lots happening, but nothing you would be excited about, so I won't bore you with all the details.

I am looking forward to celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in 3weeks, yet sadly I know we won't be able to really enjoy any alone time. So I am thinking a FAMILY dinner with the boys is the best option.

Logan starts Auskick tomorrow. YAY!  I am rather excited about this, which is kind of crazy cause I HATE early starts and getting ready to rush out the door at 9am on a cold morning really doesn't turn me on at all!

I  am hoping it will help him with his social skills and improve his team involvement so he can get out of this Me.. Me.. ME mindset!

Cohen has FINALLY been booked in to start childcare. Funnily enough I didn't get him there last week, but I WILL be taking him for a little visit this week to see how he likes the place and how mummy copes without him.

Work is going brilliantly and I love my job. I feel like I am really part of a team now and we are striving to kick those goals together!

Missing old friends badly at the moment, but hoping that if I keep pushing through my insecurities I will be able to make new friendships and fill the gaps that seem to be widening at the moment.

What is happening in your neck of the woods at the moment? Anything you feel like sharing?


tattoomummy said…
I had a push through insecurities/anxieties moment tonight.
Friends that I hadn't seen in ages becasue I get anxious invited us out and Pat told me I should really come, so we went out - dex included. And I'm SO glad I did. After no one showing up to my baby shower today (everyone was too busy apparently) it was lovely to be around people who genuinely cared about me and how everything was going.

Will be seeing them more often I think =]
Katie said…
:O tattoomummy, I'm glad you enjoyed tonight after a crummy day. I would have come to your baby shower if I lived closer.

I'm needing motivation, and a healthier lifestyle. I have a list I need to get done so need to get my bum in to gear.
Other than that I'm loving just being home with my bubbas and meeting some new people.