Farewell Comfy Friends

Today I farewelled my closest companions.

My favourite pair of Colorado shoes.  They have been my trusty sidekicks over the last few years and I know I will NEVER be able to replace them.

They have walked the floors with an upset child, strolled the streets on family outings and pounded the pavement during many a shopping frenzy.

I always knew I could rely on my comfy faves and they never let me down. 

Sadly the inner soles have been working extra hard over the last few months. Today I FINALLY decided it was time to lay them to rest :(

 RIP my comfy buddies!

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes your feet love to slip into? Do they look anywhere near as well worn as my dear friends?


Jacra said…
Yes, over the years, i have old favourites, that i just wear & wear, or just keep for that "just in case day". Hope you can find another pair of "old favourites" ;)