Letting go of the apron strings....

After the birth of our first son I was due to go back to work when he was 11mths old. I had no concerns putting him into childcare for one day a week and I knew it was going to be good for him to mix with other children.

Now 2yrs after the birth of our second son and I STILL can't bring myself to put him into childcare for even half a day.  I KNOW it would be great for him and I KNOW he really needs it, but I am scared to let him go and I am selfishly keeping him at home, close to me all the time, as I feel he is the one thing that keeps me sane each day.

I did ring our local childcare centre late last year and they told me he should be able to start early 2011. I haven't heard from them and I certainly haven't bothered to ring up and find out when he is likely to start.

Do you think we put too much pressure on ourselves to let go of the apron strings before we are ready?


Madge said…
hard to say Trac... Its a very personal thing. If your not comfortable with it - dont send him. Easy. You have so much to cope with at the moment, you dont need to add the extra stress to your day to day ifkwim.. Just breath, go with the flow..
Publisher said…
I think you should wait till you are ready. Maybe try a few hours at a time for a few weeks? It is hard, but you will know when it is time. My little girl will be starting next year and already I'm stressing out about it. But it will happen and it will be the right thing for us.
Louisa Claire said…
Hi Tracy, nice to have found your blog :) I very muh relate to this - I found it so hard with my daughter who is almost 3 when we started just after her 2nd birthday and I'm struggling a lot with the idea of it for my second. What did you decide to do?
Hi Louisa! Thanks for following my blog.

I still haven't rang the centre to check in at all :(

I am just being a BIG sook. I know he will love it, but I just need to push myself to get it over and done with!