The words begin to flow......

As I mentioned earlier, our baby boy is turning two next month. I still can't figure out where that time went.

He has been rather slow with his talking and is only just starting to say a few more words.

Over the past couple of days he seems to be going ahead in leaps and bounds with his vocabulary. Tonight we had "Boppy" (Poppy), yesterday whilst lying in bed with Scott and I he looked up and said "Daddy, nigh nighs" and he also said "Daddy, here?" after I told him Daddy wasn't here when he woke from his sleep crying out for Daddy.

The word Daddy has become even more pronounced over the past week, he has gone from Dadda, to DadDEE!  One word that he says which is quite random, "dead".  I think it started one day after he squished a bug and I told him it was dead now. He often spots a fly or bug now and says "dead".

I can't wait to hear what his next few words will be, it is all getting rather exciting I must say!