When I was your age.....

As a child we spent all our summer holidays at the beach.
We would play in the water for hours and seemed to make new friends every summer.

We would climb rocks and look for hidden treasure in the caves.

Have picnics on the beach with our friends. I recall begging mum to make me pickled onion and cheese sandwiches to take with me.

We would rarely be home and always felt safe and secure in the knowledge that we didn't have a care in the world!

We were surrounded by families we knew and loved and there was always someone to play with.

I crave that for my boys now as they grow up, that freedom and security I always knew......

What memories do YOU have from summer holidays? Do you think children have enough freedom today?


Unknown said…
that's beautiful Tracy. I was just watching a documentary about how kids these days don't play outside as much as we did and how bad that is. I want my kids to have that free play adventure seeking fun too. not the stuck inside with a playstation tan!