Wednesday, January 27, 2016

School beckons again - Farewell sun, sand, surf and sanity!

The time has come. Back to book labels, packed lunches, lost shoes and late notes.

My oldest "baby" starts his final year of Primary School which sees me in a fit of panic and fear of the unknown approaching around the corner.

When did he grow up so much? How is he still not my little boy holding hands as we cross the road, and running to me when he scrapes a knee?

So not cool anymore!

As I say goodbye to Summer holidays, I also need to prepare myself for a whole new chapter that we will be writing very soon. That scares me no end.

I am nervous for him. But maybe I am more nervous for me. It dawned on me recently that maybe it is actually ME that needs the reassurance and security more than the kids. They seem to adapt easily and go with the flow. As a parent we seem to put all this unnecessary angst into upcoming changes.

I have to make a big decision about what school is best for him and that may mean separating him from good friends. What if I screw that up?

What if I end up ruining his life? Is that really even possible?

As Lori wrote on Babble, Bigger kids = bigger problems. Much. Much. BIGGER. Why can't they stay little forever?

You know you're children are growing up when....
  • You go shopping for new "school shoes" only to discover they now wear grown up shoes. MENS shoes! When did that happen? He is still a baby though!
  • You’ll need to hide food or risk going hungry. You know that shopping you did ready for back to school? Yeah. It's gone!
  • Snack choices are not so quick and easy anymore. It takes a four course "snack" to fill them up. No more quick and easy school lunches.
  • You'll struggle to get any information out of them about their day. Keep trying though.
  • You’ll have to beg them to wash their hands and face. More like beg them to shower, at all!
  • Everything is embarrassing and/or not cool anymore. Including mum :(
  • They’ll need you and sometimes resent you for it. Story of my life.
  • They won’t tell you when they’re hurting and it’ll both hurt and scare you. I hate this part.
  •  You can’t fix everything anymore. Although you still try 'til it kills you.
  • They won’t need you when you think they will and will need you when you think they probably shouldn’t. What is with that?
  • They’re smart enough to be dangerous …  and just dumb enough to be really dangerous. OH YEAH!
  • You’ll blame yourself for every foolish mistake your kid makes. And they’ll know it. And maybe even work it to their advantage. Smarty pants. That's not fair dude!
  • You’ll get weird glimpses of the man they’ll soon become. And feel so proud and worried all at once.
  •  You’ll get weird glimpses of the child they once were. And miss that tiny baby soooo bad.
The most important one....
  • They’re going to be fine. No, really. AND you’re doing an awesome job. NO. REALLY.
I guess it's lucky for me I have a pretty big age gap between my oldest and my "baby", so as Mr Tween starts his final year of Primary School, Junior starts grade one. I have a while yet before I can kiss the Primary School years goodbye for good.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanks for helping Blue Zone reach 1000 fans. Let's celebrate!

Just in time for Christmas the Blue Zone Facebook page has reached 1000 fans.

To celebrate and say a massive thank you to everyone we have some great prizes up for grabs including....


To celebrate Dora the Explorer's Australian Finale Tour, Dora's Pirate Adventure - touring Australia from February 2016, we’re giving away one family pass. Valued at $200

Dora will be touring in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth

Join Dora and her friends in Dora’s Pirate Adventure as they embark on an exciting trip to Treasure Island in search of the ultimate pirate party. Help them navigate over the Dancing Mountain and through the Silly Singing Bridge in pursuit of the Pirate Piggies. bootsAlong the way, young Dora the Explorer fans will use their map-reading, counting, musical and language skills to successfully help Dora reach Treasure Island and avoid that pesky fox, Swiper!

Show info: or 

64pce Geomag Color retail price $59.95 - Congratulations! @emma miller
Combine two highly regarded, educational, tried and true play concepts magnets and construction toys, and you will see your kids at their creative best with Geomag.

Geomag is the ultimate open-ended creative construction toy enhanced by the magic and intrigue of magnets, ensuring that the educational benefits that kids learn during play are ones that will stick!

This classic Geomag Colour set combines magnetic rods, non-magnetic spheres and various accessories to build unlimited models and constructions in a very simple and fun way.
Five colourful sets containing between 30 to 120 pieces starting from $30 rrp
Available in-store from May 2015 at a range of toy stores including Australian Geographic and Kidstuff

Instagram: @Geomagworld #geomag

My Happy Pillow’s Sunny the Bear and Zee the Monkey $24.95 each - WINNER Heidi A Davenport  and Tracy Wedding

Your little ones will welcome My Happy Pillow’s Sunny the Bear and Zee the Monkey into their lives with open arms – extremely huggable reversible plush pillow friends with big smiley faces for happy days and cross faces for unhappy days.

Super soft and cuddly My Happy Pillow’s Sunny the Bear and Zee the Monkey are the brainchild of an incredibly imaginative six year old that wanted to express her feelings without always using words.  These lovable Plush Toys allow children everywhere to not only play with a fun toy, but in doing so, learn about their emotional awareness and express themselves in an amusing and entertaining way.

Insisting on bringing to life her animated pillow friends having long been frustrated by not yet having the ability to fully show her emotions Isabella (now seven years old) has, with the assistance from her mum, created an embroidered toy range that children can play with as well as demonstrate their feelings.

Determined to create My Happy Pillow in a way that other children her age could relate to Isabella was the vision behind the character names, colours, designs and animals used in the range.

Already a huge hit in Isabella’s home of the United States, My Happy Pillow’s Sunny the Bear and Zee the Monkey have arrived in Australia and are now ready to join their forever homes.

Appropriately sized (38cm x 33cm) for little ones to cuddle and snuggle with Sunny the Bear and Zee the Monkey are available via for $24.95 each.

The Book of He value $14.99 each - WINNER Heidi A Davenport  and Tracy Wedding

In The Book of He, comedian, television and radio  personality Peter Berner has created a collection of humorous illustrations which take a very droll look at modern life from the perspective of a very ordinary man who has no desire to be anything but very ordinary. 

The Book of He is a very droll look at modern life from the perspective of a very ordinary man who has no desire to be anything but very ordinary. Peter Berner’s humorous illustrations capture the daily worries, secret fear and even more secret aspirations of daily life in a way that will make you laugh (and occasionally hide a tear). - See more at Finch Books

Globber My FREE UP suits kids aged 3+ valued at $130 - WINNER ANNOUNCED nikki wilkinson

If you’re looking for a scooter for your young child that looks great, is safe, comfortable and will grow with your child, you’ve just found it. The stylish Globber My FREE UP is great performer with a strong deck, three adjustable height positions and a lockable steering system so your little one can master the straight line and balancing before attempting to turn. Easy to hold soft handlebar grips and high quality bearings make for a smooth ride. There are also four bright colours to choose from.

The Globber My FREE UP from independent retailers and online from

Cobs Popcorn hamper valued at $200.00 - WINNER ANNOUNCED - Tiffany Riddle

A bumper box of Cobs Popcorn, featuring all of their flavours from classic Sea Salt to Cheddar Cheese.

Twigseeds 2016 Diary and Calendar value $24.95 ea - Congrats Rose Powell.  

Twigseeds 2016 Diary The beautifully illustrated 2016 diary features inspirational quotations and nautical-inspired art by Australian Artist Kate Knapp. Sail through the days, weeks and months of 2016 and marvel at the delight and wisdom of Twigseeds irresistible philosophers along the way. Media note: cover image was chosen by Affirmations’ social media family. RRP$ 24.95  

Twigseeds 2016 Wall Calendar This huge 2016 wall calendar features inspirational quotations and adorable, detailed watercolour art by Australian Artist Kate Knapp.  Media note: Printed on enviro friendly FSC paper and vegetable inks. There is a range of Twigseeds merchandise available to build the beautiful Twigseeds story. RRP $24.95

Affirmations is a vibrant Australian-based publishing company on a mission to pass positive messages around the globe. The word Affirmation means "a positive statement or judgement" and this definition totally supports our company philosophy.  We are committed to designing products that have a purpose – that can change the course of people’s lives.  

Interact with Affirmations: 

Dreambaby prize pack value $70 - Congrats Anna de Kleyn!

Dreambaby® Home Safety Value Kits 46-pieces
Dreambaby® Home Safety Value Kits 46-pieces contain everything you need to help make sure your garage is as safe as possible for your little ones. It includes: 10 Safety Catches for cupboards, 30 Outlet Plugs (you can never have too many of these!), 2 Cabinet Sliding Locks – perfect to keep woodworking and home DIY projects safe and sound, 2 Multi-Purpose Latches – very handy for many applications on garage drawers, cupboards and cabinets, and 2 Doorknob Covers, to keep little hands away from internal doors which may lead to the garage.
Code F701. RRP $21.95

Dreambaby® Outlet Plugs
Dreambaby® Outlet Plugs help keep your children safe from electric shock. Simply place the Outlet Plugs into all unused power outlets to prevent curious kids from inserting foreign objects into the source of dangerous electrical currents. Perfect for all outlets in the garage.
Code F182. For a pack of 24  $4.95

Dreambaby® Cord Clamps 
Protect and cover long and loose cords with the Dreambaby® Cord Clamps, which clip easily around cord plugs and sockets to help keep your little ones safe from the dangers that arise when dangerous appliances are accidentally unplugged, in garage areas.
Code F138. RRP $5.95

Dreambaby® Car Reverse Alert Beepers  
Installed on your motor vehicle, the Dreambaby® Car Reverse Alert Beeper helps alert anyone that you are reversing. Simply stick the beeper over your reversing lights and it will emit a high-pitched noise when reversing. Ideal for when your car is moving in and out of all garage, driveway and car port areas, where children could be playing.
Code F245 RRP $12.95

Dreambaby® Children Playing Warning Signs
Another great safety product is the Dreambaby® Children Playing Warning Sign. Designed specifically to alert neighbours and passing drivers that unpredictable little ones are on the loose near garage entrances, in your driveway or near your house, the Dreambaby® Children Playing Warning Signs can help prevent accidents and tragedies. Code F816. RRP$24.95

Visit the Dreambaby® web site at  
Why not become a Dreambaby® fan:
Check out DreambabyTV on You Tube: 

Harper Collins Book pack including...  WINNER! - Michelle Fezza Ferry

Dinosaur Dump
Straight from the prehistoric era comes an ex-STINK-tion story like no other!
Life's hard when there's only one toilet and all the dinos need to go! There's a dumping pterodactyl, a plopping stegosaurus and a T. rex who can't reach to wipe ...
But when it's finally Mike's turn, could one tiny bowel movement end in disaster?

Fairy Dancers
Every Saturday, with a hop, a skip and a magical twirl, Mia, Emma and Grace turn into ... fairy dancers!

Enter their enchanted world of fun, friendship, fairy wings and dancing.

Wombat Wins
Forget Rio and the Olympic Games in 2016; for us it will be about a wombat ... winning. Yes, Mothball has become an athlete, albeit a little accidentally. In her never-ending quest for carrots, Mothball stumbles upon children at the local school competing in their school sports. And despite her somewhat limited physique and lack of training, Mothball manages to go home with a gold medal.
Why puff and pant when you can eat, sleep and scratch?

How to win....

Check out Blue Zone on FACEBOOK for your chance to win a daily prize.  Like, share and comment on the post to enter.

Winners chosen using

Good luck! 

Terms and Conditions
1. Competition opens 26 Nov 2015 and ends COB each day or as stated
2. Winner will be announced daily 
3. Winner will be announced on the Facebook post
4. If the winner cannot be located within 48hrs a new winner will be selected
5. Open to Australian residents only
6. Winner picked using

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2! Coming to a cinema near you in just two sleeps.

Drac’s pack is back for an all-new monster comedy adventure in Sony Pictures Animation's Hotel Transylvania 2!

Everything seems to be changing for the better at Hotel Transylvania...
Dracula’s rigid monster-only hotel policy has finally relaxed, opening up its doors to human guests.

But behind closed coffins, Drac is worried that his adorable half-human, half-vampire grandson, Dennis, isn’t showing signs of being a vampire.

So while Mavis is busy visiting her human in-laws with Johnny – and in for a major cultural shock of her own – “Vampa” Drac enlists his friends Frank, Murray, Wayne and Griffin to put Dennis through a “monster-in-training” boot camp.

But little do they know that Drac’s grumpy and very old, old, old school dad Vlad is about to pay a family visit to the hotel.  And when Vlad finds out that his great-grandson is not a pure blood – and humans are now welcome at Hotel Transylvania – things are going to get batty!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Escape Hunt, the worldwide live escape game phenomenon has arrived


Escape Hunt, the worldwide live escape game phenomenon has arrived
Can you guess which live edu-tainment genre is sweeping the nation? Here’s a clue…

Based on "escape games", a popular genre for gaming enthusiasts with simple rooms you have to escape using a combination of clue-hunting and puzzle-solving. Escape Hunt takes this idea to a new and family friendly level integrating the concept of escape rooms with the exciting adventure theme of detectives solving an Australian mystery.

A unique and versatile attraction, the Escape Hunt experience involves teams of 2 to 5 people being ‘locked’ inside a mystery room and required to use their combined skills to find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes in order to beat the clock in under 60 minutes - can you escape the room in time?
Positioned in central locations, Escape Hunt’s success and mass appeal is down to its family friendly atmosphere truly catering for all audiences. The rooms cater to families of all ages (recommended 7 +), tourists and locals, corporate celebrations and team building, first dates and school groups. Teams escape from a themed room with the help of a "game master" who watches from outside via CCTV and assists as required.

For further information and to book your Escape Hunt experience, please visit 

Who can experience Escape Hunt?  
Families of ALL ages (recommended 7 +) – Families with school aged children are often looking for something different to do … why not experience something new as a family that doesn’t involve technology!
Groups of Friends – Is it a first date? Your Footy Team? A Birthday Party or just bored? Have fun discovering another side to your mates! Larger groups can book multiple rooms to go head-to-head and see who can escape first.
Tourists – A fresh take on the usual tourist sites and located in central locations - Escape Hunt is the perfect experience to fit between other activities! 
Corporate celebrations and team building - There's no better way to have fun and do team building than with Escape Hunt. Combined with the option of constructive team workshops based on proven psychological and business improvement methods. 
School Groups - We offer one of the most exciting indoor activities for children and an insightful way to extend their problem solving and lateral thinking skills. 
Gamers - A fun way for computer warriors to take things to the next level by playing an escape game for real – LIVE! 


Sydney Escape Hunt -
Robbery in the Cottage: The entire gold coin stash of The Rock’s largest workers cottage has been stolen. Use your keen eye, logic and quick thinking as a team to solve the mystery before the thief disappears forever. 
Extortion in the Dockyard: The captain is being blackmailed and his reputation and marriage is stake! Solve the mystery in an hour before the captain’s reputation and marriage is ruined. 
Murder in the Pub: This is our toughest challenge! Do you have what it takes to solve a horrible murder that’s been committed in The Rocks Pub?

Melbourne Escape Hunt -
The Tram Bomb Heist: Announcing the first completed tram to the public the Victorian Police receive a threat message indicating that a bomb has been planted in the tram. 
Secrets of the Brewery: A Melbourne based German brew master has been murdered. It has been suspected that the agenda of the murder is to steal a secret beer recipe, which has been passed down by generations to the brewmaster. 
Abduction in the graveyard: Someone has been kidnapped and preliminary investigations suggest the victim is currently being held captive at a gravekeeper’s workshop in the countryside

Gold Coast Escape Hunt -
Heist at the art gallery: A large number of French impressionist paintings have been stolen from the private gallery of a wealthy and renowned artist. The thief has left a ransom letter to be paid within the next hour.
Kidnapped on the beach: A wealthy surf-loving heiress has been the victim of a kidnapping scheme. The kidnappers are demanding her weight in gold as ransom. 
Murder In The Celler: The owner of a prominent Gold Coast Hinterland vineyard has been mysteriously murdered on his own property. Rumour has it that he has been involved in some suspicious business dealings. The police urgently need this case solved. 
Perth Escape Hunt -
Murder in the Tavern: Bob was a frequent visitor to the local Tavern. One night a disaster struck and Bob was murdered in the Tavern. There were many suspects and you as the famous London detective have one hour to solve the crime and catch your boat back to London...... The clock is ticking, one hour to solve a Murder....are you up to it?
Robbery on the Ship: A female passenger has had her Jewels stolen on a trip from Bali to Perth. The crime needs to be solved quickly to save reputations....You have one hour. Can you solve the crime?
Escape from The Prison: Pete Swayne has escaped from Fremantle prison. There was a rumour that Pete had stashed away enough gold to bribe someone in the prison to help him escape. You as a famous London detective have one hour to find the insider and put Pete Swayne back in Prison…

Adelaide Escape Hunt -
Murder in the winery, Spy on the beach and a Kidnapping at the Zoo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gifts for tweens, teens and beyond #christmas2015

As the kids get older it becomes harder and harder to buy something for them without costing an arm and a leg.

This year the tween of our household decided on a surfboard. Easy peasy. I can do that. I had already thought of a few options but this was one I was happy to go along with.

If you get stuck like I do for the older kids check out these ideas....

iTunes card
Movie gift card

Footy/cricket membership

Redballoon adventure
Magazine subscription
DVD boxset of fave TV show or movie

Go pro
Prepaid phone

Paddle board/Kayak

Gym pass
Concert tickets
Travel voucher

Laser tag session or paintball etc
Gaming Console of choice  - games and accessories

Fave book - boxed set
Sport store voucher
Science Kit

Posters or wall planner

Friday, November 6, 2015

Santa stocking fillers under $20

Looking for some Christmas stocking stuffers? Then check out the hottest toys from Australia’s very own, home grown toy company Moose. 

From Little Live Pets to Shopkins, Qixels and Beados, Moose have a stack of the coolest toys set to make their way into children’s stockings around the country on Christmas morning.  I know my kids will be scoring some Little Live Pets and Qixels this year.

Little Live Pets Lil’ Mouse Single Pack, RRP $16.99 and Mouse House Trail, RRP $19.99

These Little Live Pets Mice are so cute, animal lovers will be in heaven.  They move, feel and act so real; squeaking and scurrying, just like a real mouse.  With over 25 sounds, and their own unique personality, these little squeakers will excite and delight family members alike.

Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle Single Pack, RRP $17.99 and Turtle Tank, RRP $34.99
Little Live Pets Lil’ Turtle is the cutest pet friend that can swim in water and walk on land, just like a real turtle!  The tank is a portable home for your Lil’ Turtle so you can take him anywhere.  Watch your turtle dive and swim in the water.

Just in time for Christmas, the Shopkins collection is getting some new friends:  
Shopkins Shoppies, RRP $16.99 There’s nothing more fun than a Girl’s Day Out! 

With Shopkins Shoppies, bagging a bargain, cafĂ© catch ups, or lunch and a movie, you can’t lose whatever you choose.

Discover the fun of Shopville where the Shopkins and their friends love to hang out. There’s so much more in store to adore.  Each Shoppies doll has a different hairstyle for you to play with, articulated arms and legs, and comes with two exclusive Shopkins characters.  And you can download the free Shopkins app for even more fun. 

For Crafty Kids 
Qixels Design Creator, RRP $19.99
Make, spray and play with the Qixels Design Creator.  Create your own design templates and build your design one Qixels at a time!

Qixels are the cubes that fuse with water! Build your Qixels design, blast it with water, let it dry and then keep creating your own pixel world of monsters, warriors, ninjas and more! Easy to use, and with no heat, glue or mess, the only limit is your imagination!  

 Visit for more information.  

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Top 10 Must-Have Smiggle Gifts

Your favourite stationery store with more, Smiggle is bursting with games and toys, gadgets, gizmos and activity sets that will surprise and delight on Christmas morning.

A gift from Smiggle will colour kids happy with excitement, ticking off any number of items  on their Christmas wish lists. From Christmas essentials, to must-have gifts, creatively crafty or DIY holiday fun and stocking stuffers, there’s something for everyone.  Smiggle is making Christmas merrier!

A must have for Christmas, which one or two or three must you have?

Top 10 Must-Have Smiggle Gifts 
1. Twister Mega Light   RRP $34.95
2. Pinball Pop Out Pencil Case  RRP $24.95
3. Pin Art Heart    RRP $19.95
4. Keep Cool Water Fan   RRP $22.95
5. Basketball Money Box   RRP $29.95
6. Times up Clock    RRP $34.95
7. Aquarium or Volcano Lights  RRP $34.95
 8. Watch This Space    RRP $29.95
9. Colour Bop Headphones   RRP $29.95
10. Triple Pencil Case Kit   RRP $29.95

Top 10 Smiggle Stocking Stuffers under $15  
For that little something extra to stuff your stocking, a Kris Kringle gift, or school surprise, there’s heaps of clever and quirky finds all under $15.  Bargains!

1. Lift Off Pen     RRP $3.95
2. Scented HB Pencils 4 Pack  RRP $4.95
3. Fan Pen                   RRP $9.95
4. Rainbow Holograph &   Beaded Heart Keyrings   RRP $7.95
5. Bouncy Goo V2   RRP $8.95
6. DIY Parachute Dude   RRP $9.95
7. Tri-barrel Pen Pack   RRP $9.95
8. Eraser Gift Box    RRP $11.95
9. Puzzle Serpent    RRP $14.95
10. Mini Swirl Light    RRP $14.95
Everything is available from Smiggle stores nationally (and internationally!)  or online at

Thanks to Smiggle you can win yourself one of two prize packs just in time for Christmas.

Prize includes...

Xmas Stocking  $16.95

Mini Xmas Tree   $14.95

Magic Xmas Crackers $29.95

Check out Blue Zone on FACEBOOK for your chance to win.  Like, share and comment on the post CLICK HERE to win.

Winners chosen using

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions
1. Competition opens 5 Nov 2015 and ends COB on the 22 Nov 2015
2. Winner will be announced after 22 Nov 2015
3. Winner will be announced on the Facebook post
4. If the winner cannot be located within 48hrs a new winner will be selected
5. Open to Australian residents only
6. Winner picked using

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Boys shorts and tees $10 & under

Target tee size 7-16, $10 - shop here
Cotton On tee $5 - shop here
Cotton On tee $10 - shop here

Target tee size 1-7, $10 - shop here

Target tee $5 - shop here

Big W Emerson jnr drill $10, size 8-16 - shop here
Target boardies $7 - shop here

Target stripe short $10, size 1-7 - shop here
Target stripe short size 7-16, $10 - shop here
Cotton On herbie short $7.50 - shop here

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

10x Must have 2016 calendars and diaries

Wall planner from Alphabet and Animals - shop here
Printable calendar from Harley Quinn and Co - shop here
Stendig calendar from Lucky 44 - shop here or LARK
2016 diary from Kikki K - shop here
2016 desk calendar from kikki k - shop here
Family calendar pack from Kikki K - shop here
mini desk calendar from kikki k - shop here
Monthly wall calendar from Kikki K - shop here
Busy agenda  from little paper lane - shop here
Frankie diary - shop here

Monday, October 26, 2015

15 Gift ideas for her this Christmas

You wash I'll dry, tea towel from Harley Quinn and Co - shop here

Are you looking for something to give the special lady in your life?  Mum, Sister, Partner, BFF?

Check out these great gift ideas....

Copper Flower Jar and Stand from Lark

Kate Spade Stationery Pouch from lark
Macie Aviator Sunglasses from Witchery

Kikki K quote cards - shop here

Kikki K cup and saucer - shop here

Kikki K - shop here
Kikki K colouring post card - shop here
Kikki K tote - shop here
Silver Spoon & Co tea towel set - shop here
Round timber coasters from Stylecode interiors - shop here
Mirror tray from Stylecode interiors - shop here
Black and marble planter from The Hippo and the Pear - shop here
You are rad as fuck from Harley Quinn and co - shop here
Beautiful marble jewellery from Blush and Co - shop here

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