Thursday, July 31, 2014

Make your own volcano

This clever build and paint volcano popped up on my Facebook page the other night from Fun at home with kids.

So last night I actually got my shizz together and made the volcano so it could set over night ready for the boys to erupt.

Easy mix of baking soda and water. Voila! My kind of activity.

Left it to set over night and added a few little touches later so the boys just had to pour the mixture and watch the "fire works".

A bit of washing up liquid and vinegar later and VOILA!

Find the full instructions on Fun at home with kids.

A great easy activity to do with the kids.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Stuff" that all mums need to keep sane

As a mum you need some "stuff" just for you. Something to keep you sane, make you feel special or just pick you up a bit when you're in a bit of a funk.

Some days all it takes is a slick of lipbalm, while other days you need the full package - chocolate, wine and a long soak in the tub. (Or a quick shower if we are keeping it real)

Flowers and candles are one of my fave pick me ups. What about you? 

I love my Butter London top coat, no waiting around while your nails dry!  Available from Adore beauty

Lanolips 101 Ointment is my fave go to lip balm. You can also get tinted. Available from Adore Beauty

Wipes. Lets face it, they are handy for more than just little bums.
A hit of chocolate when all else fails. Recipe via Kidspot
Flowers and candles. Little things to brighten your day.

A good scrub to help wash away the blues. Myscrub is my new fave!

A good glass of wine always helps you unwind at the end of another hectic day.

A bit of pampering never goes astray!

Rainbows! We all need a rainbow. You can't have a rainbow without a little rain.
Of course we can't forget the gadgets that often keep us grounded.
The good old I's. Internet, iPhone, iPad.
One word. COFFEE!
Cuddles. When all else fails, just cuddle up and breath in the innocence of youth.
A soak in the tub with a trashy mag, wine and nice smelly bubble bath. Heaven!

Never forget your dreams. Hold them tight and remind yourself often that one day you will make them come true.
Comfort food - Chicken noodle soup

Reminders of what it is all about....

What "stuff" do you reach for when you need a bit of a pick me up?

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Everything you ever dreamed of and more with Tim Tam's

Image via Pinterest
Tim Tam Chewy Caramel Explosion from Arnott's

Tim Tam Dark Mint Thickshake from Arnott's
Mmmmm... Tim Tams!! 

Not being able to eat dairy much kills me. I miss chocolate, and often sneak me the odd choccie biscuit, or piece of Cadbury dairy milk. I just can't resist even though I suffer for it later.

I think my all time fave choccie biscuit would have to be the good old Tim Tam.  What about you?

2 ingredient Tim Tam bark from Kidspot

Tim Tam Stuffed Chocolate Malt Frosted Brownies from Oven adventures

Tim Tam cookie pop from Bubble and Sweet

Tim Tam Cheesecake from Butter Hearts Sugar

Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Tim Tams from The Cherry on Top

Tim Tam Caramel Crumble Bars from Gouda monster

Tim Tam Slam Ice Cream  from The Cooking of Joy

Tim Tam Macarons from Macaron me

Tim Tam brownies from Kidspot

Tim Tam Tart from Fat Mum Slim
Tim Tam Balls from Stay at Home Mum
Tim Tam White Brownie from Blue Zone

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

So we can't gloat about our birth experience now?

I just half read an article on about women gloating after birth and how it needs to be toned down. I say half read, because I got so frustrated I had to click onto something else.  Read here >  Pregnant and new mothers who boast on social media: It’s time to stop 

We should be allowed to shout from the roof tops how successful our labour was, or on the contrary, how things didn't turn out as planned but hey mum and bub are both healthy.  We should never need to lie, or feel like we can't share our excitement and how damn proud we are of ourselves. It's a bloody huge thing, not something we should have to play down.

Breastfeed, bottle feed, MCNs or disposables, co-sleep or controlled crying. I do NOT give two hoots! As long as YOU and your baby are happy and doing well then I couldn't give a rats arse how you are doing that.

I had what I call two "natural labours" but the fact that I was induced with both boys apparently doesn't class as natural.  Pffft!  It does in my book.  I delivered naturally, shot of pethadine with both boys, and I kicked myself second time around because within minutes of me having the pethadine shot I was ready to push.  BUT my MCHN told me later that it was most likely the pethadine shot that relaxed me enough to get things moving. Who knows?!

It was what happened after labour that I wish I had been prepared for. I wish I had of been told about the things that can go wrong and throw you into a tailspin.  It is NOT all rainbows and butterflies.

I DO agree that it is important that we share the real side of parenting and not just the warm fuzzy stuff. Pretending that everything is all hunky dory, while struggling along is never a good idea.

Keep parenting real!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Inspiration for your little nursery

Ikea nursery above and wall decals from Vivid wall decals
Via Little Pop Studios
Goo Collection
Image via Little Pop Studio
From Little Paper Lane
Wall hooks from Willows home traders
Quilt set from Norsu available in pink or blue 


No, I am NOT planning a new addition.  But if I did, I know I would go crazy decorating a super cool nursery. I always stuck with plain white with a splash of colour for the boys.  I would be in heaven now if I had to deck out a new nursery.  Check out some great ideas and sites below.....  

Paper bag for "stuff" from Little Paper Lane

Moon and back cushion from Cotton On



Wood flag plaque from Zilvi

Name plaque from Zilvi
Feather dreamer from Zilvi

Bat stickers via Down That Little Lane

Via Little Pop Studio FB

Wall decals from Pop Factory
Hexagonal Shadow Box from Little Dwellings
Petite vegas lights from Fromage La Rue
Red + White cross quilt from Talo Interiors
Felt garland via Talo Interiors
Wooden wall hook via Talo Interiors

Banner and cushions via Homely Creatures
Hugs and Kisses personalised print from May and Belle

Personalised wooden sign from Simply Type

Alphabet print from Sprout and Sparrow
Triangle wall decals from Talo Interiors

DIY banner - black from Pulp Creative Paper
Via Cotton On

Lantern via Cotton On

Cloud mobile via Little Puddles

Sack via Cotton On

Sign via Lark
Coat rack from Lark
Paint dipped stool via Lark
Stool via Ikea
Uimi blankets available in various designs
Pia wallen blanket from Norsu
Cage light from DIYL

Novel shelf from Milkcart
Skyline lamp from Milkcart
Pop shelves from Milkcart
Dolly bedside from Milkcart
ABC poster from Leo & Bella

Don't grow up poster from Leo & Bella
Loads more great prints from Leo & Bella HERE
Laundry hamper from Leo & Bella
Shadow boxes from Leo & bella
More styles here

Coat rack from Leo & Bella

Wooden hooks from Leo & Bella
White letter light from Little Letter Lights co
Floor lamp from Freedom
Reddy wardrobe from Freedom
Subway coat rack from Freedom
Open cube from Freedom
Wall display cubes from Freedom

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