Sunday, November 16, 2014

10 Gifts as hinted by master under six this Christmas

We have had a few hints tossed our way (few million!) from master five regarding Christmas gifts.  I have included a few of his hints below, plus a couple I have found for him on my travels that I know he will love!

Spy gear from Amazon

Neon bunny from Zilvi

Dennis & Gnasher Classic Jokes or prank kit From ABC Shop

Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack from Target or Big W

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Alloy Scooter from Target

Spy-X Invisible Ink Pen from Aust Geographic

Dinosaur Egg Growing Pet from Aust Geographic

Pocket Volcano Science Experiment from Aust Geographic
Sand from KMART
Turtle Van Takedown from Outer rim trading

Saturday, November 15, 2014

15 gifts for him this Christmas!

I think the worst person to buy for in our family is always the males. Dad, FIL and hubby are always the last ones to be crossed off the list.

I got in early this year though and grabbed some tickets to the ICC cricket for hubby, so now I just have dad and FIL to think about.

Here are a few other suggestions if you get stuck...

Instant Beach Ball from Lark

Café Racer Cork Coaster Set from Lark

Speed! Enamel Mug from Lark
AFL membership
Tickets to ICC world cup
Mr Men mug (various designs) from Hardtofind
Dad's list of loves personalised cushion from hardtofind
Comic strip clock from hardtofind

No matter how tall I get personalised print from hardtofind
Hugo Boss gift set from Strawberry Net
Cricket As I See It from Allen and Unwin
Personalised gifts from snap fish
Personalise a unique magnet calendar with your photos from sticky9
Classic Billfold with Credit Card Case from Country ROAD

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Friday, November 14, 2014

12 Gift ideas for her this Christmas

Are you looking for something to give the special lady in your life?  Mum, Sister, Partner, BFF?

Check out these great gift ideas....

Copper Flower Jar and Stand from Lark

Kate Spade Stationery Pouch from lark

Copper jar carrier from lark



Macie Aviator Sunglasses from Witchery
Forest Aerium  from DTLL
Bottle Garden - Large - White on Blue Glass from DTLL
Larsa Hurricane from Country Road
Multi Stack Ring from Country Road
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Part two:The rabbit's big adventure

As told by five year old Cohen.

The rabbit once found a little, little dog, his name was John.

That little dog was very playful, he never went to sleep.

The rabbit decided to have a holiday, so off he went with the puppy dog, and the rabbits name was called Fluffy Jonathon.

They went onto a dog and rabbit ship, they went sailing over high seas, and the dog got sea sick. He spewed over the side.

The dog was feeling better after a while. He got used to the sea. The dog once thinked of going to a really nice island, called dog alert and rabbit search.

There was a secret base under the boat and there was people with guns. The rabbit and the dog saved the day once again and then they found a mouse.

That mousey had great trips on that boat, with the rabbit and the dog. There was a great view on the boat, you could see for miles away. They even spotted a wolf on dry land. It was an evil one that swam out to eat them!

Luckily they found dry land and found another under ground base and lived there for ever. Happily ever after.

The end.

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Dear Santa, from a five year old.

Dear Santa,

I would love to see your reindeers and how you are going with them.

I would love you to be in Tassie for 100 days without going.

Thanks for being our Santa.

Love from Cohen.

p.s I would love spy stuff and special new stuff from you Santa. Please.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The ginger cat and the dog save the day!

Written as told by five year old Cohen.

There once was a ginger cat that lived inside and it ate cat food all day and night. It snuck out the cat door and went to find a piece of meat.

When the cat returned he ate the mouse. The cheese popped out when he ate the mouse and went everywhere!

Then the exterminator come to kill the mouses so the cat had nothing to eat. Only cat food!

He was very sad that he had nothing to eat, so he snuck out the cat door again and went outside to live, and never got dirty.

Then there was a dog that snuck in the cat door, and the cat went MEOW you are not allowed in the house, now I will eat you.

The dog got inside, the cat comed with him, and the dog went RARRRR and the cat was dead.

The dog was devastated to kill his friend.

Then he found a new ginger cat friend, they never hurt each other, they were best friends.

They found a fire, they got their spit and spitted all over the fire, then the fire brigade come and washed out all the fire.  The cat and dog were amazed and they were fire pets now.

They lived happily ever after.

The end.

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Five smelly gifts for a relaxing treat

Stuck for ideas on what to buy mum, or a friend that has everything? Why not buy them a little treat just for them to enjoy when they can relax in the tub.

BATH BREW from Page Thirty Three

SCRUB & SOAK BATH SALTS from Page Thirty Three
frank coffee scrub
Owl - Candy Floss Fragrance from DTLL
Detox Pamper Kit from DTLL

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Olaf has found his way into the PILLOW PETS family

Just when you thought you could ‘Let It Go’… Olaf has found his way into the PILLOW PETS family. 

Waiting for hugs, kids will go crazy for Frozen’s favourite snowman, all soft, white and plush.
Freeze falling into stores in the coming weeks for RRP $34.99ea, you can find 16-inch Olaf in Target, Big W, Spotlight, TRU, and independent toy stores across Australia.

And just like all PILLOW PETS, Olaf is the perfect buddy – offering children a fun, play activity by day and a sleeping companion by night.

Fun and easy to use, simply open the tab for your pet to pop open into a pillow.  PILLOW PETS are machine washable and will provide years of enjoyment.

It’s a Pillow. It’s a Pet. It’s a Pillow Pet!

Remember, if you can’t find your favourite pet in store, check out the website.  Shops may just have the latest characters, but all your favourite Pets will still be available from the Australian Pillow Pets website.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Toys for Education #softtoys4education

IKEA, believe all children deserve a quality education – nothing has a more direct impact on wellbeing, from better health to increased wealth, than education.

Soft Toys for Education campaign is a partnership between IKEA Foundation, UNICEF and Save the Children, and the idea is simple: for every soft toy or children’s book sold, (from November 9 to January 3), IKEA Foundation donates 1 euro ($AU1.59) to children’s education projects so more children can get the education they deserve.

Since it started, donations from the annual campaign have totalled $AU107 million, helping more than 11 million children in 46 countries enjoy their right to a quality education.

This year, IKEA has added a new element to the campaign, a drawing competition which will give kids around the world the chance to bring their dream toy to life. By drawing their creation and entering to IKEA, their design could become a real life toy!

To enter, kids have to submit a drawing of their dream toy and if  chosen, it will be transformed into a real soft toy that will be sold for a limited time in IKEA stores around the world. 20 finalists will be identified in each participating country, which will be sent to the IKEA design team in Sweden, where they will select 10 drawings to transform into soft toys.

To be eligible to enter, you must be an IKEA FAMILY member for your kids to enter. If you’re not already a member you can sign up easily at or in-store. The drawing competition closes 30 November and for more information you can go to

It’s a great cause, and a fun campaign for kids to get involved with! #softtoys4education

Monday, October 27, 2014

Footy fever! AFL birthday party

If you have a footy mad child like mine then this birthday party is just for you!
AFL has a lot to answer for. I love how passionate our 10yr old is about his footy though. One day he will be playing in the big league, he tells us.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

I just stumbled onto these awesome party bits on Littleville and had to share!

Find the full range at Littleville
Via Pinterest
Pinata from Lombards
Via Pinterest - easily adjust to suit the Sherrin
Via Etsy
Invite via Etsy

Water bottle label via Etsy
Via Pinterest - make a bit of colour change and whip these into a Sherrin footy

Now you really would have to include meat pies, hot dogs and hot chips if you wanted to keep it real!

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